Looking Back/Looking Forward (Part II)

I'd go from being sharply focused and on point to having the mental focus of a squirrel on caffeine combined with the memory of a goldfish with a concussion.

“Create an awesome day”

My previous General Manager had a saying. “Create an awesome day!” He’d say it to me and to others, I think it may have been his favorite saying. I’m slowly learning (and often forgetting) that creating an awesome day isn’t just about planning your day, setting up meetings, or planning for events, although that certainly … Continue reading “Create an awesome day”

04/23/17 (or Remembering Amy Bleuel, Tears, and Catharsis)

It’s been an interesting few weeks. I won’t say it’s been horrible, but in some ways it’s definitely been a challenge. Self-care, even basics like a proper shower (I’ve been tending to just do a quick, half-hearted soap and rinse) and shaving. I’ve been absolutely horrible at preparing my own meals, instead either scavenging for … Continue reading 04/23/17 (or Remembering Amy Bleuel, Tears, and Catharsis)