04/23/17 (or Remembering Amy Bleuel, Tears, and Catharsis)

It’s been an interesting few weeks. I won’t say it’s been horrible, but in some ways it’s definitely been a challenge. Self-care, even basics like a proper shower (I’ve been tending to just do a quick, half-hearted soap and rinse) and shaving. I’ve been absolutely horrible at preparing my own meals, instead either scavenging for … Continue reading 04/23/17 (or Remembering Amy Bleuel, Tears, and Catharsis)

04/16/17 (Depression and the Easter Weekend)

Today is Easter Sunday. Friday morning (Good Friday) I sat down and wrote a post that I’ve since deleted. It started as an idea that turned more into an angry rant about all the things I see “Christians” doing — but realized I was judging them and making assumptions. I was painting very, very broad strokes about … Continue reading 04/16/17 (Depression and the Easter Weekend)

I’ll Rise Up In Flames (Part 2)

So yesterday I posted a bit of backstory and framework for today’s post. During that year in Regina, my social life was online — and other than chatting with hotel employees while I was working, that was honestly my social network. One girl whom I had developed a good friendship with online remarked how well I was … Continue reading I’ll Rise Up In Flames (Part 2)